Saturday, 3 March 2012

sunshine bright

after stressing over a presentation at university for the last few days, now it's all done and dusted i decided to relax and pamper myself for the weekend...

avon-arabian glow-£3.00 (usually £6.00)
i don't usually go for such a bright colour, especially yellow. but i felt like a change (and i've pretty much bought all the other colours already) it's a nice colour for summer i think, even though the weathers no really mirroring my nails right now, bright, sunny and happy it most certainly is not! however i can keep wishing and counting down to those hot days...

the nail varnish itself is great, it goes on well and lasts at least 3-4 days without chipping, which i don't think is a bad result for the price. it dries quickly to avoid impatient smudging, and the colours really are bold and shiny. this colour took 3 coats however usually I only have to use 2 to get an even finish.

avons brilliant for things like this as there is usually always an offer on each month, for example I just bought 2 crackle effect nail varnishes for £5 when there usually £6 each. ask your avon representative for a catalogue or check out the avon website and see all the great deals on beauty items.

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