Thursday, 22 March 2012

d.i.y diva

last weekend i decided to put my creative mind to work on something a little different than usual...

after many weeks/months of my mum pestering me to 'do something' with an old rickety table/stand thing we have in our living room, i finally did 'do something' with it.

i don't know how old it is or where it originated, but it only ended up in our house because someone was throwing it away....thats the sort of condition were talking...and it's been just stood there looking dull and boring for quite a while.

so i raided the garden shed...
and heres the transformation!

i'm very pleased with the result :)
firstly i used wood glue to stabilize the wonky legs, then all i did was sand down the old varnish and the odd random paint splatters that were decorating it. wiped it down, gave it 2 coats of a nice fresh clean cream paint (wheat-sheaf cream i think it was) which didn't cost a thing as i found a few spare tester pots lying around from previous d.i.y attempts. then as i like the 'shabby chic vintage' look, i gave it a light sand down, just enough to see small sections of the wood underneath, to create a more rustic finish. then a quick varnish with clear gloss....ta dar!

my mums very happy with her new piece of furniture and i think it fits in much better with our decor now, nice and bright ready for summer!

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  1. Love this! I really want to have a go at this kind of project. It looks great!