Tuesday, 15 May 2012

a big thank you

just a quick post to say a big huge massive thank you to all the bloggers that helped me out by voting for my hat in the talenthouse competition last week.

the end result was that i came 12th out of 220 entries with 189 votes... so obviously i'm very happy :)

i was up against so many professional milliners with years of experience and client support, that i'm shocked i even got in the top 50, let alone the top 15!

the support i received from friends, family, bloggers, work colleagues and strangers who just liked my work has really inspired me to keep the dream alive and keep working towards my millinery career. it was the confidence boost i needed right now, so for that, i just want to say thank you and roll on my next project!

now that it's over, hopefully my blogging routine can get back to normal...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

help! vote for me

i've been a bad blogger recently, but it's due to the fact i've been working on something very special...

a few weeks ago i found out talent house had opened a competition to design and make a hat, inspired by the queens diamond jubilee. as i'm trying to make it in the millinery world, this was obviously a great opportunity for me to try and get my work out there, and really to see what people thought. you know the whole 'is my work actually good or am i just kidding myself?'

so this is all i've basically done for the last week, drew up a few designs, experimented with some ideas and finally came to a decision and got to work!

i am pleased with my finished hat (there's always something i want to change, but that's what being a perfectionist does to you!) i'm happy with my final design and how everything worked, but now is the tricky part...

no matter how well made or how relevant to the brief the design is, it all relies on how many votes people get, which is kinda rubbish but that's the way it goes...

so i'm asking for everyone's help, to get me in the top 10. it would be amazing. it would definitely give me the confidence to keep going!

here is my submission

click this link to get to where you can vote (it only takes a second)


you can vote through facebook and twitter. if you have neither of these then you can vote using your email address.
if you have facebook and twitter then click to vote through both!

i can't explain how much this means to me, and i know it's only my first competition so i don't expect to win or come anywhere close, but i'm gonna give it a good try! your help would mean so much :)

 i will do shout outs to all the bloggers that help me out for showing your support

thank you!! <3

Friday, 27 April 2012

instagram five

1. friendship bracelets
2. fruit cocktail torte for my mamas birthday
3. order arrived :) smiles all around
4. my favourite footwear at work
5. awesome snack
6. a project i'm working on...
7. mamas birthday card
8. buns and brownies from the students

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'made in chelsea' style icon

i'm addicted to made in chelsea. i've never been a fan of towie or gordie shore etc. but mic is definitely my guilty pleasure. the drama, the lifestyles, the fashion, the parties and of course the characters you can't help but love.

one of my favourite characters has to be millie mackintosh. i think she is stunning and such a style icon. no matter what she's wearing she manages to look beautiful and effortlessly glamorous. I would love to have her wardrobe (and body and boyfriend and job and money etc etc)

whether she's at a red carpet event or just a london shopping trip, she looks amazing. i will definitely be trying to put more effort in my everyday appearance, i feel ashamed to be sat here in my sweatpants and baggy jumper....surely millie must lounge around in sweatpants sometimes!!?? (she is human after all)

here are a few dresses that will help you to copy millie's red carpet look...

1. luna dress £135
2. jersey wrap dress £95
3. kelly maxi dress £350
4. symphony maxi dress £115
5. satin bandeau dress £145

all these dresses can be found at coast.
maybe too pricey for a trip down to the shops like millie, but great for special occasions.

well i can't wait for next weeks episode, i feel like planning a trip to london just to see if i can spot anyone from the show!

also i'm team jamie by the way! he's gorgeous :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

more shoes?!

i never got the chance to go on my (well deserved) shopping spree, so i resulted in online shopping on my absolute favourite site...asos!

they have a 70% sale on at the moment too which is always a bonus :)

i didn't go crazy, which is so easy to do with their amazing jewelry and must have accessories- not to mention the shoes....which i love almost each and every pair of!

i purchased just a few bits (that i really needed...honestly) and as soon as they arrived, each item was as perfect as i imagined...

1. poodle print boyfriend blazer - was £60 now £24
so i finally bought a blazer...not exactly what i wanted originally (something plain that would go with anything) but i just couldn't resist this print, isn't it cute! i still think i'd be able to wear it with a lot of other pieces, just keeping the rest of the outfit plain, as i'm not a major fan of lots of pattern together. the fit and feel is brilliant, i can tell it's something that will last a long time as the quality feels great. it's fully lined and has full length sleeves, great for rolling up for a different style or leaving down.
so i got distracted by an animal print, again, but i think it was worth it.

2. lace loafers - was £25 now £17
now i really did need these...i'm sick of wearing my scruffy converse to work or wearing last years summer shoes, not that i'm a person that needs new things each season, but when my primark pumps and h&m wedges are falling apart from too much use last year, then i think it's time to update and move on. also with the weather being so unpredictable, it's too warm for boots yet too wet for sandals...hello to the loafer. they also come in black but i felt cream was a change and a nice choice for summer, also the see through lace adds a delicate, feminine touch to a simple day shoe. i thought it was quite an unusual design and fabric choice and i love it. they are so comfortable and go with everything day and night. definitely one of my best buys.

3. kitten heel slippers - was £35 now £24
i'll admit i've slated kitten heels in the past, all that 'wear proper heels or go home' stuff... but i take it back completely, as each night out my feet become more and more crippled (i should really do something about that but i can't resist a sky high pair of beauties) the thought of spending a night in a pair of these was too good to miss. first the colour caught my eye, available in lilac, green and black. then the suede effect slipper style which looks so comfortable yet bang on trend and the added little heel sealed the deal as i realised i could have pain free dancing sessions from now on! i think they would look great to dress up a pair of jeans or add a wow factor to a lbd. comfy, stylish and affordable. i will be testing them out this saturday night!

4. cross hand harness - was £8 now £4
whenever i shop on asos i have to buy a piece of jewelry, it's just my thing, whether it's to bring the delivery choice up to free standard or just because i'm addicted. these hand harnesses seem to be very popular right now and i'm one to try new things and ideas, so this cross design was perfect. simple yet effective as they say. the chain is very thin which could be an issue if i'm not careful with what i'm doing and the cross is made of a very thin piece of metal, therefore i don't think it's worth it's original £8 price tag as it's very dainty and delicate, not for the heavy handed.

with free delivery and free returns, asos is by far the best online store in my eyes. another great purchase received. check out the mid season sale now.

take me away

take me there

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

real friends last forever

i know this is nothing new, but i just find it amusing as i look around and see more and more people with arms adorned in multicoloured, multimedia bracelets of all sizes, shapes and styles. their collections getting larger at every glance...

friendship bracelets.

i have nothing against this trend, where less more is more, in fact i'm embracing it! i love looking at every ones different pieces, and learning the history or the reason behind it's place on their arm, whether its 'a family airloom' or a 'symbol of friendship' or even just a 'pretty item to add to the collection'.

friendship bracelets is really just a collective name for this everlasting trend. i've seen so many unusual jewellery pieces giving that finishing touch to an outfit, it doesn't have to be those traditional homemade embroidery threads that we've all had a go at in the past (i'm wearing one right now, there's nothing wrong with that!)

i love the idea of wearing a story. each bracelet having a memory or a meaning. it's fascinating.

 i guess i was inspired to write this post because i removed my festival band from june 2011 this weekend. it made me think of all the memories that were linked to just one piece of fabric, so much so that even though i no longer wear it, i will still treasure it forever. it's strange what something so simple can achieve.

i love wearing all my favourite bracelets at once. i have my everyday basics and then my specials depending on my outfit. although i think a mixture of colours and styles all at once looks even better. the only problem with my obsession is that i want to make my collection bigger, when ever i see an eye catching gem!

here are a few i've come across that would definitely fit right in on my arm :)

1. fashion union - £4.00 - timi multi bead bracelet
2. asos - £10.00 - spiked cord in blue or pink
3. asos - £12.00 - woven gold chain retro skulls bracelets
4. miss selfridge - £4.00 - stretch peace charm
5. h&m - £3.99 - colourful weave bands
6. h&m - £1.99 - beaded fridge bracelet

my favourites are probably the retro skulls and the weave bands, i think the mixture of colours and textures just adds to the fascination and makes a more interesting visual overall. and what a bargain from h&m!

here's my friendship bracelet choice for today...

a mixture of birthday presents, symbols of friendships and must have additions...

so no longer do we have to wonder which bracelet goes best with our outfit, or worry that we're gone 'too far', wear them all! the more the better, mix your styles and shades and rock the friendship bracelet overload!

you never know...if your feeling down- just glance at your wrist and smile at all the brilliant memories your accessories hold.