Thursday, 8 March 2012

please could i have...

i've been so sensible recently and worked out i haven't had a 'proper' shopping spree since last year! there's been so many nice items shoved in my face, calling my name and i've resisted, this is firstly because i need to save money for rent next year and secondly because until i sell some of my old stuff...i have no room for new :( (cue me waiting for the next free insertion day on ebay and half my wardrobe going on it!)

so here's a list of what i would buy this month...if i could...

i really need a new watch as after 2 years of every day use, my old one seems a bit battered. this one caught my eye as it's very similar to the one i have just a different colour. i don't think it's too expensive either for a watch, i would like to invest in a pricey 'forever and forever; watch but i don' t think that's a practically idea for me, i like to update and try new things and this is perfect to do just that.

i love the whole rucksack trend this s/s, there are so many floral and aztec designs out there that when i saw this piece i really liked the change. it's a good quality product that i'm sure will stay strong when holding numerous work folders and projects. however the price is a little extreme, but your paying for the name and the fact it will last a long time, it's not a one off item you would get rid of after one season. if i could....then i would :)

this is so cute! just a random choice really, i need some more tops (my mother wouldn't agree) and i seem to like ones that tie at the front or side. i also like the 'worn away' 'aged' look of transfers on clothes, much better than the clean cut effect. 

i absolutely love these shoes! i loved them when the winter colours came out last year (red, purple and black velvet and a floral tapestry pattern) but unfortunately didn't get a pair quick enough, now i've discovered 2 new patterns! there is this pastel floral and a black and white floral. so exciting! i'm not sure whether to stick to classic black but i like this pattern so much! I guess i could just make sure i wear them with plain block coloured outfits? 

i need some new jeans also...and i fancy a change from the usual choice of colours, there are so many to choose from now, and the summery shades are brilliant. i've never tired dp's jeans so i'm not sure whether they are a good fit (hate buying jeans) but i definitely would choose this colour as i think they would still go with most things. this is pretty cheap for a pair of jeans, i just wonder if the quality would match?

another trend i adore right now. flatforms! amazing! asos has so many styles and colours, if i'm honest then i'd have them all! i just thought this pair were so sweet and i could imagine wearing though the day and night, give my feet a rest from sky high heels but still be bang on trend. i bought some last year from topshop that can really hurt my feet after a while, but the strap goes around the heel, so i'm hoping a different style may be better for me.

this are just a random item, which i'll probably end up getting as their not going to break the bank. pretty much any piece of jewelry there is a 90% chance i will like, i'm slightly obsessed hence why i have 6 jewelry boxes at home :S this pair attracted me because i'm going through a faze of dangly earrings and these seemed kinda cool!

in total my wish list this month comes to £367.95!...most of that was on a very expensive rucksack.

it's nowhere near my birthday or christmas...wonder if I can trade an easter egg for a item off the list :)


  1. Love the rucksack! Eyewateringly expensive but I would if I had the money too haha :)

  2. omg, I totally agree. I love everything. Thanks for sharing. I'd love if you'd check out my interview with Perez Hilton. xo