Wednesday, 28 March 2012

save,spend,splurge....denim shorts

i would really like a new pair of denim shorts this summer, as my others have seen better days and i don't know if other people have this problem with denim items but after they've been worn many times, the waistband seems loose and the whole thing kinda looses its fit! which i suppose i don't mind when i've worn the garment to death!

but anyway, i decided to look at a price range of hotties and see if any caught my eye...


denim shorts - h&m - £3.99 sale price 

wow. these are a bargain! even at the full price of £7.99. it's a very basic design but i was thinking aren't they the perfect canvas for anyone who's feeling creative with studs, bleach or a pair of scissors! i'm definitely hoping to get my hands on some of these. i've tried jeans from h&m before and they have always been decent a good fit and worth every penny. i also like the fact that the style is very standard, so if you want them shorter, then you can make them into a super short shorts or if you prefer not to have your bum cheeks on show then you can leave them as they are!


studded denim knicker shorts - asos - river island - £35 

love love love these! the dip dye bleach effect is exactly what i've been wanting. the studs are obviously a big hit this year, but the design hasn't gone too ott with metal. i'm not sure what i prefer, maybe more studs would have looked edgier and more 'rocknroll' made them a little bit different? but that's just me, obviously they want to attract mass market. the cut is probably a little short for me, especially with the waist being quite high, it really makes them look 'knicker like'. i just can't help feeling i could achieve all of this myself (maybe not as perfectly) with a pair of £3.99 basics??


washed denim shorts - stella mccartney - £310 

now i would never buy designer clothes like this myself (unless i was mega rich, but even then i don't know if i would :S) i can only imagine the desire to buy something so expensive would be either because  i absolutely loved the designer, it was for a very special occasion or if like these shorts, i can imagine them being a timeless piece. i like the relaxed wash effect and the turn ups are cute, but personally i've definitely seen nicer high street pieces. then again i imagine their brilliant quality, fit and feel and i'd hope for that price that they would last many many...many years. (depends how long you want to wear the same shorts for i guess!)

overall i think there are so many designs around for all sorts of prices that it depends exactly what your looking for. for me i love the elements of the river island pair, but if your creative enough to be able to customise your own then i'm backing the h&m ones all the way, you can make them exactly how you want them! i just hope they haven't sold out!

which reminds me...must do more work outs on the treadmill in preparation for these shorts!

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