Wednesday, 29 February 2012

faking it

as a massive vivenne westwood fan, i'm always checking out her latest designs and admiring what i cannot afford. i'm also a massive fan of rings (my collection could rival karl lagerfields)

i came across this knuckleduster ring on viv's website ...

 i absolutely love it. it comes in sterling silver or gold plated with the iconic orb stamped on the top section. each section is hinged together creating an armadillo effect, or it can be opened out to create a knuckle duster ring. is'nt it just perfect! it's not cheap however :( at £190! but maybe it's worth saving up for? i'd like to say it's an investment piece, something you can wear forever and ever that goes with every outfit, well thats my excuse anyway!

can't wait? don't have the time to wait until next payday? well take a look at this....

see any major differences? obviously this is a fake vivienne westwood as it's only £9.14 (including postage) but maybe it will satisfy your needs while you save up for the real deal. i found it on ebay here . i'm very tempted to buy one...and just put the designer one on my christmas list!


  1. Great piece! It's always nice to save up and buy the real deal though :-)

  2. LOVE these rings!

  3. yes definitly agree, i already have it on my wishlist! :)