Tuesday, 17 April 2012

real friends last forever

i know this is nothing new, but i just find it amusing as i look around and see more and more people with arms adorned in multicoloured, multimedia bracelets of all sizes, shapes and styles. their collections getting larger at every glance...

friendship bracelets.

i have nothing against this trend, where less more is more, in fact i'm embracing it! i love looking at every ones different pieces, and learning the history or the reason behind it's place on their arm, whether its 'a family airloom' or a 'symbol of friendship' or even just a 'pretty item to add to the collection'.

friendship bracelets is really just a collective name for this everlasting trend. i've seen so many unusual jewellery pieces giving that finishing touch to an outfit, it doesn't have to be those traditional homemade embroidery threads that we've all had a go at in the past (i'm wearing one right now, there's nothing wrong with that!)

i love the idea of wearing a story. each bracelet having a memory or a meaning. it's fascinating.

 i guess i was inspired to write this post because i removed my festival band from june 2011 this weekend. it made me think of all the memories that were linked to just one piece of fabric, so much so that even though i no longer wear it, i will still treasure it forever. it's strange what something so simple can achieve.

i love wearing all my favourite bracelets at once. i have my everyday basics and then my specials depending on my outfit. although i think a mixture of colours and styles all at once looks even better. the only problem with my obsession is that i want to make my collection bigger, when ever i see an eye catching gem!

here are a few i've come across that would definitely fit right in on my arm :)

1. fashion union - £4.00 - timi multi bead bracelet
2. asos - £10.00 - spiked cord in blue or pink
3. asos - £12.00 - woven gold chain retro skulls bracelets
4. miss selfridge - £4.00 - stretch peace charm
5. h&m - £3.99 - colourful weave bands
6. h&m - £1.99 - beaded fridge bracelet

my favourites are probably the retro skulls and the weave bands, i think the mixture of colours and textures just adds to the fascination and makes a more interesting visual overall. and what a bargain from h&m!

here's my friendship bracelet choice for today...

a mixture of birthday presents, symbols of friendships and must have additions...

so no longer do we have to wonder which bracelet goes best with our outfit, or worry that we're gone 'too far', wear them all! the more the better, mix your styles and shades and rock the friendship bracelet overload!

you never know...if your feeling down- just glance at your wrist and smile at all the brilliant memories your accessories hold.


  1. so true. and fabulous. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo


  2. I love, love, love friendship bracelets :)


  3. love the third one :)


  4. H&M have so many cheap ones, my wrists are always covered and more is always more ;) x