Wednesday, 14 March 2012

hats j'adore

as an aspiring milliner, i've been researching different successful designers as part of my course. there are so many amazing people of this craft out there already, that it makes me wonder how i will ever make it in the hat world...however i'm not beaten that easily and i will continue in my struggle to create some kind of business in millinery, i will not give up just yet!

here is the work of jane taylor, one of the websites i came across. her work is unusual yet still wearable and appealing. i like her quirky and edgy style and think it's inspiring how she designs such ideas yet appeals to a range of people. her unique ideas don't alienate people, which is exactly what i want to achieve. it's difficult to let your imagination run wild yet know the boundary between different and just plain weird. as my sketch book would reveal....i'm still working on this boundary!

 to see jane taylor's full collection visit 

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