Monday, 5 March 2012

the cat in the top hat

i came across the cutest imagine, which definitely caught my eye and made me stop and absorb like any cat lover would... (brilliant advertising by paul&joe right there)

paul&joe beaute 

i never purchased anything from their range of make up before but I'm seriously considering it just because the products are adorable! i think if i was to buy anything i wouldn't even want to use it, especially the 'cat in a top hat' blusher sticks.

i know it's a bit of a gimmick, the fact it is basically an image or shape of a cat on the products and once it's used the novelty factor has gone and its back to your usual everyday product with small remains of mr top hat cat :( but each to there own and i love the idea.

it's to celebrate paul&joe beaute 10th anniversary of cosmetics and skin-care, created by paul&joe creator and designer sophie albou, so why shouldn't she do something different, it's purrrr-fect!

the new spring/summer 2012 collection 'meow' consists of two sub collections 'collection sparkles' and 'kitten collection' they include blusher sticks (which i'm obsessed with), lipsticks, pressed powders, nail enamels, waterproof gel eyeliner and eye shadows. so as far as i'm concerned thats everything i need!

you can't buy the products straight from the official website, but you can find them here at asos. and as you can see there not the cheapest products around (£21 for a beautiful blusher stick) but from what i've heard paul&joe is good quality and worth the price. maybe another item for the wish list.

eye shadow £21.50 blusher stick £21 lipstick £16

it's all limited edition and won't be around forever so if your cat crazy i'd check it out, even if that super cute blusher stick does just sit on the side looking pretty and never actually being's worth it!

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  1. i love the paul and joe cat lipstick! i wanted one for ages! it's soo cute :) xx