Tuesday, 15 May 2012

a big thank you

just a quick post to say a big huge massive thank you to all the bloggers that helped me out by voting for my hat in the talenthouse competition last week.

the end result was that i came 12th out of 220 entries with 189 votes... so obviously i'm very happy :)

i was up against so many professional milliners with years of experience and client support, that i'm shocked i even got in the top 50, let alone the top 15!

the support i received from friends, family, bloggers, work colleagues and strangers who just liked my work has really inspired me to keep the dream alive and keep working towards my millinery career. it was the confidence boost i needed right now, so for that, i just want to say thank you and roll on my next project!

now that it's over, hopefully my blogging routine can get back to normal...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

help! vote for me

i've been a bad blogger recently, but it's due to the fact i've been working on something very special...

a few weeks ago i found out talent house had opened a competition to design and make a hat, inspired by the queens diamond jubilee. as i'm trying to make it in the millinery world, this was obviously a great opportunity for me to try and get my work out there, and really to see what people thought. you know the whole 'is my work actually good or am i just kidding myself?'

so this is all i've basically done for the last week, drew up a few designs, experimented with some ideas and finally came to a decision and got to work!

i am pleased with my finished hat (there's always something i want to change, but that's what being a perfectionist does to you!) i'm happy with my final design and how everything worked, but now is the tricky part...

no matter how well made or how relevant to the brief the design is, it all relies on how many votes people get, which is kinda rubbish but that's the way it goes...

so i'm asking for everyone's help, to get me in the top 10. it would be amazing. it would definitely give me the confidence to keep going!

here is my submission

click this link to get to where you can vote (it only takes a second)


you can vote through facebook and twitter. if you have neither of these then you can vote using your email address.
if you have facebook and twitter then click to vote through both!

i can't explain how much this means to me, and i know it's only my first competition so i don't expect to win or come anywhere close, but i'm gonna give it a good try! your help would mean so much :)

 i will do shout outs to all the bloggers that help me out for showing your support

thank you!! <3