Saturday, 31 March 2012

instagram three

1. traditional mr whippy
2. my little present from work
3. fresh fruit salad for lunch
4. sensible shoes on a friday night
5. my desk friend
6. hershey boy snoozing
7.  new earrings-loving feathers!
8. starts tomorrow! excited :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


i know i'm slightly behind with the trends here, but i seem to see fishtail plaits all year round now anyway and now my hairs longer..i want one! i've watched all the 'how to' videos and even though i have a rough idea of how it's done, i just cannot do it myself! i don't know how people reach around to the back of their heads and achieve something that looks effortless and stylish! i just end up with a mess basically!
i'm wondering whether my hair maybe just too short still (cries) or maybe i just need more practise?

save,spend,splurge....denim shorts

i would really like a new pair of denim shorts this summer, as my others have seen better days and i don't know if other people have this problem with denim items but after they've been worn many times, the waistband seems loose and the whole thing kinda looses its fit! which i suppose i don't mind when i've worn the garment to death!

but anyway, i decided to look at a price range of hotties and see if any caught my eye...


denim shorts - h&m - £3.99 sale price 

wow. these are a bargain! even at the full price of £7.99. it's a very basic design but i was thinking aren't they the perfect canvas for anyone who's feeling creative with studs, bleach or a pair of scissors! i'm definitely hoping to get my hands on some of these. i've tried jeans from h&m before and they have always been decent a good fit and worth every penny. i also like the fact that the style is very standard, so if you want them shorter, then you can make them into a super short shorts or if you prefer not to have your bum cheeks on show then you can leave them as they are!


studded denim knicker shorts - asos - river island - £35 

love love love these! the dip dye bleach effect is exactly what i've been wanting. the studs are obviously a big hit this year, but the design hasn't gone too ott with metal. i'm not sure what i prefer, maybe more studs would have looked edgier and more 'rocknroll' made them a little bit different? but that's just me, obviously they want to attract mass market. the cut is probably a little short for me, especially with the waist being quite high, it really makes them look 'knicker like'. i just can't help feeling i could achieve all of this myself (maybe not as perfectly) with a pair of £3.99 basics??


washed denim shorts - stella mccartney - £310 

now i would never buy designer clothes like this myself (unless i was mega rich, but even then i don't know if i would :S) i can only imagine the desire to buy something so expensive would be either because  i absolutely loved the designer, it was for a very special occasion or if like these shorts, i can imagine them being a timeless piece. i like the relaxed wash effect and the turn ups are cute, but personally i've definitely seen nicer high street pieces. then again i imagine their brilliant quality, fit and feel and i'd hope for that price that they would last many many...many years. (depends how long you want to wear the same shorts for i guess!)

overall i think there are so many designs around for all sorts of prices that it depends exactly what your looking for. for me i love the elements of the river island pair, but if your creative enough to be able to customise your own then i'm backing the h&m ones all the way, you can make them exactly how you want them! i just hope they haven't sold out!

which reminds me...must do more work outs on the treadmill in preparation for these shorts!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


'illusion' - avon - £2.50 (2 for £5)
my newest nail varnish. not exactly what i was expecting, in the catalogue it looked more clear with a two-tone shine, (however i guess that's what can happen when you can't see the product in front of you) but it's still a nice colour, it's kinda like a light grey with a purple shine, unusual but still wearable.

avon have an offer on at the moment, any 2 nail varnishes for £5, there usually £6 each. so i also bought a new crackle varnish which i'm yet to test out. great deal, check it out here.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

follow the rainbow

alexis mabille
spring 2012
love everything about this collection
head pieces


d.i.y diva

last weekend i decided to put my creative mind to work on something a little different than usual...

after many weeks/months of my mum pestering me to 'do something' with an old rickety table/stand thing we have in our living room, i finally did 'do something' with it.

i don't know how old it is or where it originated, but it only ended up in our house because someone was throwing it away....thats the sort of condition were talking...and it's been just stood there looking dull and boring for quite a while.

so i raided the garden shed...
and heres the transformation!

i'm very pleased with the result :)
firstly i used wood glue to stabilize the wonky legs, then all i did was sand down the old varnish and the odd random paint splatters that were decorating it. wiped it down, gave it 2 coats of a nice fresh clean cream paint (wheat-sheaf cream i think it was) which didn't cost a thing as i found a few spare tester pots lying around from previous d.i.y attempts. then as i like the 'shabby chic vintage' look, i gave it a light sand down, just enough to see small sections of the wood underneath, to create a more rustic finish. then a quick varnish with clear gloss....ta dar!

my mums very happy with her new piece of furniture and i think it fits in much better with our decor now, nice and bright ready for summer!

Monday, 19 March 2012

discover middle earth

sat at my desk in work on a cold monday morning wishing i was anywhere else, specifically here...

new zealand

the one place that i've always wanted to go. i've made a promise to myself that i will go there at some point in my life. i think it's one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen, the sightseeing there must be amazing.
the one thing that does appeal to me and made me first realize just how 'wow' this country was, is the fact that 'the lord of the rings trilogy' was filmed here. i would love to see the actual sites where my favorite scenes took place.
i came across a 'lord of the rings film location tours' which looks brilliant! i just hope by the time i get to travel across the world that this is still available!

visit 'the shire' in the town of matamata, perfect settings, green grass, rolling hills perfect for a hobbit home. distinctive hobbit holes and 'the party tree' are still on show for visitors to see while on the hobbiton tour. sounds fantastic! 

now this is probably my favorite of all the tours...complete the walk to mordor. its an all day walk (7-8 hours) while taking in the breath taking surroundings of steaming fumaroles, volcanoes, lava flows and the emerald lake. described as the best one day walk in new zealand. can you imagine the photos!

i really shouldn't have looked at this... i really want to go...right now!
it's one of those journeys i don't think people ever forget and it's definitely on my bucket list!

is there a place you really want to visit?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

instagram two

1. baby monkey riding backwards on a pig
2. creme egg-how do you eat yours?
3. chocolate orange cheesecake
4. flowers and butterflies my new fascinator
5. keep calm and...
6. dads birthday
7. homemade strawberry cheesecake
8. perfect end to the day

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

hats j'adore

as an aspiring milliner, i've been researching different successful designers as part of my course. there are so many amazing people of this craft out there already, that it makes me wonder how i will ever make it in the hat world...however i'm not beaten that easily and i will continue in my struggle to create some kind of business in millinery, i will not give up just yet!

here is the work of jane taylor, one of the websites i came across. her work is unusual yet still wearable and appealing. i like her quirky and edgy style and think it's inspiring how she designs such ideas yet appeals to a range of people. her unique ideas don't alienate people, which is exactly what i want to achieve. it's difficult to let your imagination run wild yet know the boundary between different and just plain weird. as my sketch book would reveal....i'm still working on this boundary!

 to see jane taylor's full collection visit 


'the only one who can stop a serial killer is the man who inspired him'

i went to see james mcteigue's 'the raven' last night. a film about edgar allan poe and his final days alive. not something i would of usually chosen, but as it was my dads birthday he was given the privilege of picking the film, and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised.

after watching the trailer and reading about the plot...horrific murders inspired by edger allan poe's stories start taking place all over baltimore, resulting in a race against time for detective fields and edgar himself, to get one step ahead of the killer before it's too late.

when i discovered it was a murder mystery kind of film, i was suddenly intrigued as i'm a big fan of shows such as csi, murder she wrote, columbo, midsomer murders etc. (i just love seeing how they worked it out in the end)

then i read the reviews...
'The Raven is a squawking, silly picture that never takes flight.'-leslie felperin (variety)
'The inherently likeable Cusack fares surprisingly well in one of his darkest roles, but The Raven's clever premise is totally undermined by James McTeigue's tactless, bumbling direction.'-shaun munro (what culture)

'A film that, despite a strong visual sense, has simply no grasp on its characters or its plot. 'Nevermore', indeed.'-tom huddleston (time out)

not that great to be honest. which is very off putting, but now i've seen it for myself i can 100% say that i'm so glad i didn't listen to all those bad reviews! i don't know what the problem is personally, but i'm no expert in the film industry so maybe they look for something else, but what i can say is:
did i leave the cinema with that rush of adrenaline?: yes
was i on the edge of my seat throughout the film?: yes
did i understand exactly what was going on from beginning to end?: yes
did i feel a connection the the characters?: yes
did the film do exactly what i wanted and satisfy the need to see a murder mystery on the big screen?: yes

it had blood, it had jumps, it was exciting, it was interesting, it was entertaining....what more do they want?

it's not something you can take children to, but it had a slight similarity to the 'sherlock holmes' films, just because there was a bit of humor and a real like-ability to the main characters. imagine a darker version perhaps?

the only thing i can think that some people would see as a 'let down' would be the fact it's described as a dark, gothic, thriller. which it is, but it depends what kind of level your looking for. for me it was perfect, but if you want something thats going to scare you to death, or have you leaving the cinema in a depressed 'questioning life' state then this isn't the right film for you. it's dark, but not too dark. it's bloodthirsty but not too bloodthirsty. it's gothic but not too gothic. if that makes any sense?

john cusack does a brilliant job as edger allan poe, i think he was made for the role. it's not a subject i know much about but after watching this film and his interpretation of the character, i really want to go read some of these famous books mentioned in the film! he managed to add a sense of humor into a story-line where there is really not much to be laughing about.

luke evans as detective emmett fields, another great character, i didn't even recognize evans in his period costume. the way the two characters bond really adds to the story and makes you desperate for them to be successful in the case.

a lot of criticism has been on the director james mcteigue, with reviews like- 'An utterly dreadful attempt at a costume thriller by the flashy, heavy-handed, vacuous director James McTeigue, whose previous crimes against cinema have been V For Vendetta and Ninja Assassin.'-chistopher tooke (daily mail) 
i think he did a great job personally. the setting, the suspension, the characters and the overall story all tied together perfectly and really helped the story come to life.

overall i really enjoyed this film, and i recommend anyone that likes this sort of plot should definitely give it a go. even if your not a fan of edgar allan poe or his work, it's still a really good story and as long as your not expecting something too deep then this is for you.

score 8/10

(reviews were sourced from

Sunday, 11 March 2012

shoe beauty

alexander mcqueen
autumn/winter 2012


infact the whole collection is, you can see it here
i'm seriously considering using mcqueen's work as inspiration for my final collection next year...i'm excited already!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

please could i have...

i've been so sensible recently and worked out i haven't had a 'proper' shopping spree since last year! there's been so many nice items shoved in my face, calling my name and i've resisted, this is firstly because i need to save money for rent next year and secondly because until i sell some of my old stuff...i have no room for new :( (cue me waiting for the next free insertion day on ebay and half my wardrobe going on it!)

so here's a list of what i would buy this month...if i could...

i really need a new watch as after 2 years of every day use, my old one seems a bit battered. this one caught my eye as it's very similar to the one i have just a different colour. i don't think it's too expensive either for a watch, i would like to invest in a pricey 'forever and forever; watch but i don' t think that's a practically idea for me, i like to update and try new things and this is perfect to do just that.

i love the whole rucksack trend this s/s, there are so many floral and aztec designs out there that when i saw this piece i really liked the change. it's a good quality product that i'm sure will stay strong when holding numerous work folders and projects. however the price is a little extreme, but your paying for the name and the fact it will last a long time, it's not a one off item you would get rid of after one season. if i could....then i would :)

this is so cute! just a random choice really, i need some more tops (my mother wouldn't agree) and i seem to like ones that tie at the front or side. i also like the 'worn away' 'aged' look of transfers on clothes, much better than the clean cut effect. 

i absolutely love these shoes! i loved them when the winter colours came out last year (red, purple and black velvet and a floral tapestry pattern) but unfortunately didn't get a pair quick enough, now i've discovered 2 new patterns! there is this pastel floral and a black and white floral. so exciting! i'm not sure whether to stick to classic black but i like this pattern so much! I guess i could just make sure i wear them with plain block coloured outfits? 

i need some new jeans also...and i fancy a change from the usual choice of colours, there are so many to choose from now, and the summery shades are brilliant. i've never tired dp's jeans so i'm not sure whether they are a good fit (hate buying jeans) but i definitely would choose this colour as i think they would still go with most things. this is pretty cheap for a pair of jeans, i just wonder if the quality would match?

another trend i adore right now. flatforms! amazing! asos has so many styles and colours, if i'm honest then i'd have them all! i just thought this pair were so sweet and i could imagine wearing though the day and night, give my feet a rest from sky high heels but still be bang on trend. i bought some last year from topshop that can really hurt my feet after a while, but the strap goes around the heel, so i'm hoping a different style may be better for me.

this are just a random item, which i'll probably end up getting as their not going to break the bank. pretty much any piece of jewelry there is a 90% chance i will like, i'm slightly obsessed hence why i have 6 jewelry boxes at home :S this pair attracted me because i'm going through a faze of dangly earrings and these seemed kinda cool!

in total my wish list this month comes to £367.95!...most of that was on a very expensive rucksack.

it's nowhere near my birthday or christmas...wonder if I can trade an easter egg for a item off the list :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

the cat in the top hat

i came across the cutest imagine, which definitely caught my eye and made me stop and absorb like any cat lover would... (brilliant advertising by paul&joe right there)

paul&joe beaute 

i never purchased anything from their range of make up before but I'm seriously considering it just because the products are adorable! i think if i was to buy anything i wouldn't even want to use it, especially the 'cat in a top hat' blusher sticks.

i know it's a bit of a gimmick, the fact it is basically an image or shape of a cat on the products and once it's used the novelty factor has gone and its back to your usual everyday product with small remains of mr top hat cat :( but each to there own and i love the idea.

it's to celebrate paul&joe beaute 10th anniversary of cosmetics and skin-care, created by paul&joe creator and designer sophie albou, so why shouldn't she do something different, it's purrrr-fect!

the new spring/summer 2012 collection 'meow' consists of two sub collections 'collection sparkles' and 'kitten collection' they include blusher sticks (which i'm obsessed with), lipsticks, pressed powders, nail enamels, waterproof gel eyeliner and eye shadows. so as far as i'm concerned thats everything i need!

you can't buy the products straight from the official website, but you can find them here at asos. and as you can see there not the cheapest products around (£21 for a beautiful blusher stick) but from what i've heard paul&joe is good quality and worth the price. maybe another item for the wish list.

eye shadow £21.50 blusher stick £21 lipstick £16

it's all limited edition and won't be around forever so if your cat crazy i'd check it out, even if that super cute blusher stick does just sit on the side looking pretty and never actually being's worth it!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

instagram one

i'm still getting the hang of instagram so bare with me if this first post isn't that great.

1. saturday night comsumption
2. me, myself and i
3. fruit collection from leeds market
4. summer flowers
5. my original and i
6. gaga
7. my boy
8. refreshing rekorderlig

Saturday, 3 March 2012


as it's starting to get slightly warmer out there and my big winter coat seems a bit dramatic, i've been looking for a nice summery blazer for those days when you need a lightweight smart jacket thats not too heavy and bulky but protects from the english winds. here's some items I came across...


new look-draped pocket blazer-£22.99
i love the unusual mint green colour of this blazer and what a bargain price. i like the cute sleeve gathering details and the fact it doesn't have a fastening doesn't bother me as i don't usually fasten jackets like this anyway, however i do prefer my blazers to be slightly longer in length and have full length sleeves so i can choose whether to roll up or not, but this is a really sweet design for summer. it comes in 6 different colours for every outfit.


zara-jersey blazer-£49.99
this may be my favourite blazer of the 3. it looks so classy and smart, yet the sugary colour palette adds a fun and playful edge. i think the contrasting lining adds subtle detail when the cuffs are turned up or can be hidden, the length and style are perfect for me. it's not too expensive but would definitely be something i would look after and wear each year. i think it's worth spending a few extra pennies on.


harveynichols-vince-soft leather blazer-£870
now this isn't really my style but i thought i'd include something from the high end market. it colour fits in perfectly with this years s/s pastel trends. but to me i don't think i would find the leather very comfortable and easy to wear. the lengths a little short for me but you are getting quality here with soft leather and satin lining, it's definitely an investment piece. i can imagine it's like heaven to touch, feel the expense!

overall i think i've fallen in love with the zara blazer at £49.99. perfect!

sunshine bright

after stressing over a presentation at university for the last few days, now it's all done and dusted i decided to relax and pamper myself for the weekend...

avon-arabian glow-£3.00 (usually £6.00)
i don't usually go for such a bright colour, especially yellow. but i felt like a change (and i've pretty much bought all the other colours already) it's a nice colour for summer i think, even though the weathers no really mirroring my nails right now, bright, sunny and happy it most certainly is not! however i can keep wishing and counting down to those hot days...

the nail varnish itself is great, it goes on well and lasts at least 3-4 days without chipping, which i don't think is a bad result for the price. it dries quickly to avoid impatient smudging, and the colours really are bold and shiny. this colour took 3 coats however usually I only have to use 2 to get an even finish.

avons brilliant for things like this as there is usually always an offer on each month, for example I just bought 2 crackle effect nail varnishes for £5 when there usually £6 each. ask your avon representative for a catalogue or check out the avon website and see all the great deals on beauty items.