Monday, 27 February 2012

dress to impress

it's that time of year again, the oscars 2012. where the beautiful people gather together to celebrate another year of film and talent. i love films but  must admit i'm more interested in the dresses than the awards. see who dressed to amaze and who dressed in the dark.
natalie portman in christian dior
i personally quite like this dress, a few reviews have slated the fact it has a small all over polka dot print which "should be saved for day dresses" but the way i see it is that she's chosen a classic style, flattering to her figure, accessorized it perfectly and gone for red which is always a winner on the red carpet. so she's gone for something a little different and i applaud her for that. i think a subtle pattern helps break up the bold block colour, however in my eyes natalie portman can do no wrong.
milla jovovich in elie saab
this is stunning. she is stunning. the dress clings perfectly in all the right places, stands out against the red and  i imagine sparkled brilliantly as the cameras flashed. such a glamourous choice and the decision to leave her neckline bare and make neautral was a good one. you can't go wrong with sexy red lips. another winner from elie saab. (remember last years mila kunis in lilac lace)
jessica chastain in the legend alexander mcqueen
 as you can probably tell, alexander mcqueen is one of my all time favorite designers, and he fact his label lives on and continues to blow our minds is remarkable, thank god for that and also sarah burton. i'm just so glad that the silhouette of this design was kept simple and elegant, so not to detract from the detailed intricate pattern, allowing us to fully apprieciate all the elements of this dress without getting a headache. the colour works brilliantly with jessica's skin and hair colour and again the choice of limited accessories has work wonders.
gwyneth paltrow in tom ford
 i can't decide about this look. the colour suits her well and it's a nice change to see gwyneth wearing a floor length gown. however i'm just not sure about that cape? i like the idea, i think at a glance it looks like a coat draped over her shoulders to keep warm before they go in, but then you realise it's actually attached to that lovely dress and it's full length aka. full on superman style. maybe a shorter cape style would have worked better and not been so over powering, or maybe tom ford should have ditched the cape all together?
viola davis in vera wang
the emerald green colour viola is wearing is a great choice, but everything else isn't. a bit of clevage is fine, theres no crime against that, however it all just looks painful. the top looks too tight and fussy with the cut out feature looking too drastic for someone with assessts to show off. the bottom is a miss-match of pleats and ruffles in a strange unflattering directon. this dress looks confused.
rose byrne in vivenne westwood
oh dear. another one of my favourte designers gone wrong. on paper, black all over sequin sounds like a winner, but on the body it's a different story. i think it's the cut of this dress that's quite awkward, the fabric isn't a problem for me but the fact the top half looks fitted, possibly too much so and then the bottom half looks like she's accidently got it hooked up on itself, the way it drapes stragly in the middle makes rose look bigger than she actually is and then the clinging around her feet make me worried she could have tripped up. a strange design i think. something that could have been amazing ended up looking slightly like a bin bag. dissapointed.
jennifer lopez in zuhair murad
obviously due to jlo's famous body shape, she always goes for the figure hugging, plunging neckline styles. which is spot on, people always say you should show off your best features. but this dress makes her look frumpy. i like the illusion of sheer stripes running over the body and the accesories match perfectly, but it's those sleeves. i don't know why the design even has sleeves? but to make it worse, sleeves with slits! i can't stand this idea that having just the top of your arms on show is a good look? even with jlo's arms (no bingo wing in sight) i just don't get it, either go sleeves or no sleeves at all. it just looks like she's struck a pose and ripped the seams.

 and finally to end on something that made me smile...
angelina jolie in atelier versace
angelina jolie and her leg with a mind of it's own! possibly the most talked about thing of the whole night, she decided to adopt this pose to fully show off the sky high slit in her versace gown, but to me it just looks awkward! i actually really like the dress itself and i'm sure such an exaggerated stance wasn't needed to show off a bit of leg. however it did make me laugh, it was as if her right leg was demanding attention, maybe her left leg has had too much publicty in the past and she thought she would share the limelight? either way she still looks damn hot and so does her leg!

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