Tuesday, 3 April 2012

diy diva - take 2

seen as i enjoyed it so much last time and was happy with the result, i decided to try and transform another piece of old furniture. this time i was given an old chair a neighbour was throwing away to do what i wanted with. here's how it started out...

first i sanded down any uneven parts or paint splatters. anything that might get in the way of the finished look. i then painted the chair using a magnolia colour, there is something about using creams and whites in projects like this that helps creates that pretty vintage feel. it took 2 coats to cover the dark wood, and took quite a long time to finish, with having to wait for the top to dry before i could start on the legs, be patient and don't rush the overall painting, you will get a better finish if you let everything dry properly each time.

now, i could have left the chair like this and just given it a lick of clear gloss. (quite a transformation already!) but i wanted to try something extra with this one, and turn it into a really special piece that would look super cute in any room.

i used old tester pots of paint, various colours (ballerina pink, rustic red, lemon, mint green and a few others i came across) and using a thin paint brush, painted onto the seat of the chair a floral design. nothing too detailed or complicated but something simple and clear. i also painted a small motif onto the top of the back rest. i'm so pleased with the result. i went wrong a few times, but as long as your quick just use a damp cloth to wipe away the paint and start again!

if your not confident enough to just paint straight onto a piece of furniture i guess you can use stencils or even paper cuttings, which can be glossed over to hold them in place.

to complete the chair i waited until the paint was completely dry and then used clear gloss varnish to seal in my design and protect the chair from use in the future.

i love the finished look, and have had many compliments on my new piece of furniture. it's definitely something to try, you can transform an old scruffy piece of trash heading for the skip into a work of art!

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